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9,77 EUR*
Details Luciferian Frequencies

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16,90 EUR*
Details Chakra Frequencies: Tantra of Sound

Chakra Frequencies Jonathan and Andi Goldman reveal how the human voice can resonate our physical and subtle bodies to balance and align the chakras. Includes a 60-minute CD of the sounds, mantras, and vocal exercises in the book. Full description

17,96 EUR*
Details All Frequencies

(2013 'Stoney Plain') 10 tracks MonkeyJunks Sound ist eine moderne Mischung aus R & B, Soul Boogie-und Funk. Bei dem zweiten Stony Plain Album der MonkeyJunk können sich Fans sich auf eingängigere Refrains, kürzere Instrumental Pausen und einen ...

142,00 EUR*
Details Digital Alias-free Signal Processing: At RF and Microwave Frequencies

Digital Alias-Free Signal Processing Digital Alias-free Signal Processing provides a comprehensive coverage of the theory and techniques behind digital alias-free signal processing, which uses randomized signal processing techniques to avoid ...

21,15 EUR*
Details Diffraction by a Circular Aperture at High Frequencies

Lang:- eng, Pages 76. Reprinted in 2015 with the help of original edition published long back[1955]. This book is in black & white, Hardcover, sewing binding for longer life with Matt laminated multi-Colour Dust Cover, Printed on high quality Paper ...

15,05 EUR*
Details Know You Can [Vinyl Single]

Ft's On Noctural Frequencies 2 Inc that kid chris mix

7,99 EUR*
Details Super Taranta

1. Ultimate2. Wonderlust King3. Zina-Marina4. Supertheory of Supereverything5. Harem in Tuscany (Taranta)6. Dub the Frequencies of Love7. My Strange Uncles From Abroad8. Tribal Connection9. Forces of Victory10. Alcohol11. Suddenly... (I Miss ...

18,31 EUR*
Details Elements Beyond

Inc My Reflection Feat Divine Essence 1 a Cloudy Mist 8:58 2 a Monk's Tear 5:18 3 stomp 3:50 4 frequencies 11:13 5 momma's Groove 7:40 6 my Reflection 5:25 7 queen's Battle 7:11 8 139th Street 6:27 9 cream 6:35 10 april 8:03

12,49 EUR*
Details Southern Gods

Southern Gods Recent World War II veteran Bull Ingram is working as muscle when a Memphis DJ hires him to find Ramblin' John Hastur. The mysterious blues man's dark, driving music - broadcast at ever-shifting frequencies by a phantom radio station ...

6,68 EUR*
Details Vivanco SIRR 2201 Audiokabel, 2x Cinchverbindung, 1,5m

Using a Digital RCA to Cinch interconnect from Vivanco with audio devices wll give sound a new dimension. Mid/High frequencies will have excellent seperation while low frequency will be given added depth and clarity.